Only to be used on occasions when the word 'early' doesn't quite get across the earliness of a situation.
Interviewer: "Mr Simms you're 6 hours early!!"

Mr Simms: "Thought I'd get in early doors and make a good impression!"
by Fete January 10, 2006
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Early doors refers to any situation where someone arrives earlier than is customary for an event. Its meaning is not restricted to drinking binges gone horribly wrong
"The Queen's Head will be busy at lunch with all those bikers there."

"Yes, we'd best get there early doors and grab a table."
by David October 21, 2003
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Referring to getting to a concert or gig early, specifically at the times the doors first open rather than when acts come on.
“If we want to get a good spot we should get to the gig early doors
by Official real definitions April 17, 2019
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