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An old prank played in school playgrounds since time began. Involves asking someone if they 'lickadickaday'. If lucky, the person becomes confused and although not fully understanding, will say yes anyway.
RTJ: Herman, do you lickadickaday?
Hermanator: Yeah
RTJ: You're Bent - you lick-a-dick-a-day
Hermanator: Piss off
by rtj loco January 02, 2004
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When something is shit hot (extremely good) as when john barnes was a young footballer playing for Watford
Did you have a good night out?

Yeah, it was early barnes.
by rtj loco September 25, 2003
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To describe anything that is large in size.
I'll tell you what Herman, that Ron Jeremy has a fat old boy

Oi Herman, Make that first to bassett a fat old boy
by rtj loco December 20, 2003
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A band created by Herman Dogg and RTJ Loco, inspired by the cult use of lickadickaday. Their ambition is to spread love and never fully grow up.
RTJ Hermanator: Let's call our band The Lickadickadays.

Herman Loco: Innit
by rtj loco January 02, 2004
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A crude name for a cocktail made from all the left-overs of your alcohol collection. Named so as it is likely not to taste dis-similar to an Old Man's Todger.
RTJ: Herman, got any more booze?

Herman Dogg: Only a half a can of Stella, some moldy old red wine and some absinthe.

RTJ: I'll knock up and Old Man's Todger then.
by rtj loco December 21, 2003
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Phrase used when someone is having a joke/laugh at your expense or taking the piss out of you.
"I'll tell you what Herman, The people at the tax office are pulling my pants down"
by rtj loco December 23, 2003
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Called out at full volume when there is an opening for one more person to join in whatever you are doing. Derived from the fairgrouund.
"One more rider for the waltzer"
by rtj loco December 23, 2003
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