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Neighborhood in Medford, New York.
Has really nice areas, and average areas.
Where a lot of awesome people live :)
Person: Where in Medford do you live?
Me: Eagle Estates
by xoxoKelseyx3 February 14, 2009
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Families of Veterans, and Young Married Couples in the 50's settled here- Families with 3 and 5 and sometimes 8 children- good Christian Families. The Bus for St. Sylvester's picked the children up at 8:30 am for the children's mass on Sunday's. There was baseball and football in the park and even cheer leading! Block Parties, and Fireworks, water balloons - and above the ground pools! Winters gave us sledding, and ice skating, and blocks and blocks of friends all year long. In our little neighborhood were thousands of homes on 1/4 acre lots - your neighbors were family and the bound meant friends forever. Those who lived on the outskirts of our neighborhood did not quite get the idea of these 1/4 acre plots - But the Dad's who were Veterans - and bought there it sure meant a lot. To the hard working family looking to spread out from the city or Nassau, it couldn't have looked prettier- Here we are grown up and families of our own, we meet on facebook we share our fates, our memories and treasures of a place we call EE - yes some do point their fingers and think they've got something negative to say - take a look as you point - see three pointing back- we could talk about you- but ya know that's not our way!
Eagle Estates- friends and good times. Eagle Estates blocks of kids and games. Eagle Estates first kisses and romance. Eagle Estates Rock n Roll and living life taking your chance!
by Susan T. July 23, 2015
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The ghetto part of Medford, many fights originating in Patmed Highschool end up here.

Home to drug addicts, white trash, and other assorted dangerous people just waiting to pull a knife on you for scuffing their $450.00 Nikes that they sold cigs for, or simply stole them from a rich wigger.

Avoid this territory, especially at night, and don't trust anyone from here until you are 100% sure they don't have a pistol in their pocket.
Wigger: Yo I got dese fo' hunnet dollah Nikes from da mall yestaday. mah daddy paid fo dat shit.

EE resident: *pulls out gun* Gimme dem kicks nigga.

Wigger: Oh geez.. Please take these and don't hurt me..

---Eagle Estates
by Ispeakthetruth450 June 09, 2009
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the bad part of Medford,
also sometimes known as the "ghetto" part of Medford.
Place where many stoners and lookie loos live.
Commonly known as EE or Illegal Mistakes
"you live in eagle estates? wow man i feel bad for you!"
by fruitycupmuffin April 11, 2008
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