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ETU (External Thought Unit) is another name for the penis
Jon, youre ETU is showing again
by dipshit bitch May 25, 2006
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A man with a huge cock, resembling a fetus hanging off of him.
Mr. B was etus for sure, you could tell by the bulge in his pants.
by Etus August 27, 2007
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A kind and nice guy but has the temper of a firework, (ignites and dies down soon after). Always typically known for liking getting his own way and always has his own reason for doing something which contradicts what you think. Handsome and can vary from height, not someone you'd like to let go of and if you do you will wih you hadn't. Also enjoys over using tomahawk as a threat.
He was being a typical Etu
by ToxicChaosTrouble June 28, 2011
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