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A PS2 version of the popular (and unpopular) MMORPG in which one is able to build up a character through grouping with others (optional) and killing random creatures around your level for experience, loot (what u take from the creature once it dies to sell for money), and rare items which boost your stats or the stats of another character. Also, one is able to do quests (hence the name Everquest Online Adventures) at certain levels. The possible races are: Human (good or evil), Elves, Dark Elves (the greatest race ever created, a evil version of their more righteous brethren), Barbarian (tall stocky versions of Humans from the North of Tunaria, the continent, Gnomes (intelligent short creatures), Halflings (an interbreed of Humans and Elves, they have hair on their feet... Bilbo??), Trolls (huge green creatures who feasted on too much brocolli as children, they are considered the best for battle because they are able to scare enemies with their ugliness, lol), and Erudites (high men from the Southwestern part of Tunaria). Whew! Okay, now for the classes (14 in all): Warriors (highly trained soldiers, good in defense and offense), Paladins (holy warriors that are better adapted to taking hits over warriors), Shadowknights (an evil version of Paladins who serve the most evil of gods, the best class :), better adapted to offense than the other two, though still good for taking damage), Wizards (extremely offensive but very low on life), Monk (better defense than Wizards, but not as offensive (highly debated)), Rogue (offensive creatures dexcribed as thieves by developers), Necromancer (using the power of life and death, they summon undead creatures to fight for them), Magician (summoners of creatures from Earth, Water, Fire, and Wind (weakest to strongest)), Enchanters (can create their own pets or enchant others to figh for them, useful with breeze:) ), Druid (healers with the ability to morph into wolves at a certain level), Shaman (witch doctors with the abilty to heal and turn into a bear), Cleric (the basic healer with strong healing spells), Bard (traveling musicians with string melee attacks and decent damage), and Rangers (also strong in melee attacks similar to Bards but more unique as time progresses). WOW!! How's that for a definiton?
Man, EQOA is so tight I vow to never go outside again!
by Scryden Delf SK July 28, 2003
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