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A term coined by popular video game Twitch streamer CDNThe3rd. Stands for Eastern North American Strafe, a reference to the area the streamer lives in. Involves frantically strafing around enemy AR or AK bullets, usually with a shotgun for use in CQB.
Ceez shouted "Yee Yee" after catching a player with his ENAS.
by SheerPompousness January 27, 2017
A unique flower that can only be found in the middle of the Empty Quarter, One only exist and still today it stands with beauty.
I wish to one day see an ena by the moon light array.
by mahmood June 20, 2004
the sexiest most amazing girl you could meet. she is sensitive but tough. she makes the sun shine when you need it most. she willl make you fall inlove and make you smile. she is the hottest girl and has amazing talent!
damn wish my girl was an ena!
by zero 519 July 28, 2010
Ena is the sexiest yet most amazing girl you could meet,she has a lot of talent she helps,cares about stuff/you,she is the fire in the darkest night she is the rain in the desert she is a Divine beauty...

If you read this you should know that Ena I a unique girl and that she will fill you with happines
Ena a girl of divine beauty
Hi have you seen Ena lately?
by AiTcH 2k16 December 13, 2016
Ena is what you call a nortena homegirl, it's the female version of ene. Ene is N in Spanish and stands for Norteno, and you use ene when talkin to a norte homeboy and ena when talkin to a norte homegirl.
Hey ena, que te pasa?

Dont worry ena, I got your back homita.
by Lokita June 18, 2008
a cool person i met through ppl...
person enas
by shorty3zzz August 19, 2008
Erect Nipple Alert. When your nipple is in an erect position, and is visible through your shirt.
"Uhh, Emma, you have ENA. Need a band-aid?"
by lelebee23 May 09, 2007