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well, there was this epic AIM (aol instant messaging) chat going on between two real good pals. they were talking about a facisnating website called myspace (a blog site), when all of the sudden a giant fishfrog jumped through one of the kids window. so one kid shouted uncontrollably, "elave!" but meaning the word "leave". it was an easy grammatical error to fix, but the actual word "elave" is what sets fishfrogs into orbit. now this sprouted a roflkopter, a lmaonade, and many various forms of online laughter. that is when one kid decided to sprout this legend, "elave", now this term is used for the knights of templar to banish evil, used in most religions to abolish evil and unwanted evergy. Most important, when attacked by a fishfrog, shout "ELAVE"..
Katie shouted ELAVE to cameron to ward off the fishfrogs
by cameronflappington June 29, 2008
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