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EBF, Exclusive Best Friends who do everything together and exclude everyone else and no one else is a part of their exclusive best friendship
by Koolgurl August 24, 2013
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One who has a mania for music.
I am a melomaniac.
by Larstait November 14, 2003
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East Butt Fuck, (West Butt Fuck may also be used if said place is to your west)
" Why the hell did it take you so long to get here?"
"Sorry man, my last job was in EBF"
by Jay0413 July 30, 2007
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Describes sexual activity that rounds all the bases but doesn't cross the plate.
How was your spring break?
Awful, my girlfriend hooked up with this guy while I was out of town.
They sleep together?
No, they e.b.f.'d, but I'm still pissed.
by Supafly TNT May 16, 2005
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the person that loves you for who you really are, your personality...until he sees what you really look like. you'll be lucky if your e-bf will like you after you send him a pic.
tina - omg i love you my e-bf<3 devan- i love you too my e-gf<3 tina - 4eveer and eveer devan- uuh... *runs*
by asiangirl7 March 08, 2010
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EBF, less commonly known as "Epic bodily fail", is a rare disorder brought about by excessive consumption of the 3 godly fluids, Coca-cola, cherry coke and Dr Pepper. Caffeine and glucose dominate the white blood cells in the blood stream, resulting in a cataclysmic meltdown of bodily functions, and eventually death. Be careful kids!
EBF claimed its 1st victim in 2007, when litte Timmy Turner overdosed on cherry coke on his 8th bday. An unfortunate loss im sure you'll agree...
by King Coke August 07, 2008
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