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Refers to the eastern portion of a small town on Van Isle. Stands for East Black Creek, or the region of Black Creek on the eastern side of the highway. An excellent place to drink a couple OEs. Can also be used to refer to the gang of creekers who live there. Natural enemies include, West Side Creekers, The ORC (oyster river crew), Merville, LGs and fuckin' Townies.
"I was down in EBC sippin an OE and this LG started to mau my anaconda through my leather, so I pounded her."

"Stop it right meow or I'll get EBC to crack some skulls."

"Man, I just saw EBC totally fuck some guy up because he said unicorns were gay."
by toight November 28, 2004
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To eat by the computer/laptop. This can also include drinking a liquid. However be warned, for if you a a complete slob, then you may get food inside of the keyboard!
Steve: Fucking A!!! This report is due in like 20 minutes, and I have started it or eaten my lunch!
Co - Worker: Dude just EBC, you'll get er done!
Steve: Cram it, but that is a good idea! Thanks man!!! *pats co - workers back*
by THEMANWHOKNOWSALL January 22, 2009
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Literally means "Eastern Block Cock", describing and grouping large penises from Eastern Europe, primarily Serbia, Croatia, Russia and Montenegro.
She couldn't handle EBC so she went back to American.
by tylerbozfoley July 25, 2014
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Emotional booty call. women usually need this at least once every week to matian their facade.
IsChodan: Hey, Ali just used me for an EBC......
The Clerps: that sucks
by Chodan February 02, 2010
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Electronic Booty Call (EBC). An electronic device used to receive a call from someone who is in the need for a little "lovin". ie> Pager, Cell Phone
My cell phone is going off at 2:30am?? It must be an EBC. Your numerical pager display might read "80085".
by Mike October 22, 2004
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