Marine abbreviation for "End of Active Service". Out of all the innumerable acronyms and abbreviations, EAS is the one that most Marines want.
"last of all, there's just one left. it's the most imporant, it's the E-A-S. and hey yall i'm just a lance coolie, and i hate everyone in the COC. first sergeant he would never give me a chance, that's why i'm gettin out as a terminal lance. singin EAS baby, you can't stop time, uncle sam gettin his and so i'm gonna get mine. eff USMC you can suck my cock, i can't wait until i'm just another homeboy back on the block"
by xan07 September 17, 2008
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Military term - End of Active Service
I can't wait for EAS so I can get out of this sh*t hole!
by furie February 4, 2009
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The most important abbreviation in the military. EAS Stands for End of Active Service. pretty much means you are out of the military (Unless you get recalled).
Brando: I cant wait to fuckin EAS an get out of this shitty ass place

Kline: Yea dude once you EAS you dont have to shave everday, get up at 5am, hurry up an wait, get a haircut every week, get yelled at for stupid shit.
by llegoz October 30, 2009
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The EAS (Emergency Alert System) Was Developed by the United States Government, in 1990's to Enhance how Emergency Warnings would be transmitted,
Before the EAS Was the EBS, or Emergency Broadcasting System, the Successor to the CONELRAD Radio Alert Network.

EAS Transmissions have been revised Time and Time Again, The Latest Visible Revision to the EAS, is that it now uses a Black Background and White Text Scheme. The EAS Has Been Used For Several Events, such as Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Severe Thunderstorms, And Civil Emergencies, such as Terroristic Attacks.
The Most Known Feature of the EAS is the "Noisy" Tones it makes at the beginning of the Transmission: SAME Tones, which are actually Encrypted Messages.
{SAME Tones}
{1280Khz Warning Tone}
This is a Test of the Emergency Alert System.
If this were a Real Emergency, information about the Emergency would be Displayed on Screen.
This is only a Test.
{1280Khz Warning Tone}
Tom: Well, i'm Glad that EAS Test is over.
by September 4, 2011
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Short for Expelling Air Silently. Represents the action of being unable to stop laughing, but not making any sound, so as not to alert others to one's own amusement. Used in place of LOL in situations when laughing out loud would be impolite/unacceptable, such as the workplace.
A friend linked me to a funny picture, but I had to EAS so my boss wouldn't wonder why I was laughing alone at my desk.
by Dusie August 17, 2009
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A cool new hip way to say the word easy
by Kupdiggityfresh August 31, 2011
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