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Eating Alone Phobia - the fear to go out and eat by yourself, even if you're starving.
- "Dude, I'm losing so much weight cause I have EAP."
- "Find some friends."
by Tay Sachs November 29, 2010
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Someone (usually a male) who gets into a relationship for the constant action and ability to get laid and claims there just fuck buddies, but overtime falls in love and has the plan back fire.
Man 1: Hasn't Jake been dating tiffany for a year?

Man 2: Yep

Man 1: Didn't they start off as fuck buddies?

Man 2: Yep

Man 1: What an EAP
by pack4214 November 28, 2011
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You suffer from eaps if you miss your floor on an elevator and proceed to get off on the next floor with the other person in the elevator because you aren't sure what to do.

You suffer from eaps if you skip while leaving the bathroom and accidentally skip into someone opening the door.

You suffer from eaps if you've broken a toilet in a friend's home and pretend you are late for something and leave.

You suffer from eaps if someone runs into you and says "sorry" and you reply in french.
by EAPS Sufferer October 22, 2010
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Stands for Extended Arm Pic. Most prominently used when there is no one else to take your picture, so you extend out your camera and take it yourself. Most pics taken are at a high angle and the subject is looking up at the camera. Also the picture will have the arm of the subject coming towards the camera and is cut off a little before the wrist. Another variation of the E.A.P. involves a mirror. The subject stands in front of a bathroom mirror and takes a pic of him/her self as well as the camera. Prime examples of this can be seen on personal sites (aka: MySpace).
Every picture in your Myspace album is a E.A.P. Dont you have anyone to take your pic?

by BlaqPnoi July 22, 2007
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easy access pants. This is a term created by horse group. Jeans that have a large tear in region that would cause other people to throw the jeans away if they owned them. Tears are usually due to horseback riding.
Tomorrow I am going riding. I think I'll wear my E.A.P.'s!
by I.can.row. July 18, 2008
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EAP = Eat A Poop - prounounced (EEEP) - a softer way of saying Eat SHIT or piss off!
Baseball Batter: (tries to hit the ball far, ends up looking like a bunt)

Teammate: "Wow - you sure got a piece of that one!"

Baseball Batter: "EAP!"
by gol4444 May 13, 2011
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Extended Arm Picture - The act of extending your arm to take a self/group picture to post on Myspace, Facebook, etc.
There is no one around to take a picture, I guess I will have to take an E.A.P.!
by iSOULTRAINi June 12, 2008
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