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An acronym "Eat a Bagel" from the Lonely Island comedy album, Incredibad. It comes from the song called "Like a Boss".
"Eat a Bagel! (Like a Boss)"

by DJAshu July 21, 2010
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estate agent: "So as you can see, this place has SO much potential."

me: "No sir, you are full of eabs"
by tpsimpson_uk April 24, 2012
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(N.) Eat Ass Bae
Similar to an EAP (Eat Ass Prey) except one step ahead of the game. All EABs start as EAPs.
In order for an EAP to become an EAB the EAP must react positively to your pursuit and agree to hookup with you.

An EAB may even begin to pursue you first afterward.
Side Note: Keep pushing for the ass eating. Even a blind squirrel gets a nut sometimes.
Lizzy: Is Jarron your new EAB?
Meagan: yeah he is. Best ass eating I ever got!
by Clown4ever March 16, 2016
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