A chat site full of cancer and trolls.
Sophia: E-chat really be full of cancer and trolls

Mariah: No cap sis
by Westbrooks August 14, 2020
E-Chat is a place where you roleplay and chat, thus, you can probably meet new people you'd like to know or you could either just chat and have a good time!
"Wow, I love me some E-Chat! It's like, the best chatroom in the entire world!"
by _Little_Trans_Girl_In_Yo_Hood_ November 24, 2018
e-chat is a place to meet new friends from around the world,e-chat is also a place where trolls,and spambots roam,on e-chat,it is the best chatsite by far though,because it's so convenient,and there are some interesting people to chat with.
"Hey,Tyler let's chat with edward on e-chat""sure,just be careful of trolls"
by mr.rage2.0 May 31, 2020
Ahhh, the almighty e-Chat lounge, one day I joined this server and decided to become a discord moderator, I was kind of nervous to begin with but I am now king of discord, it is I, Lil Ben (swagmaster69) the absolute dominant force of a moderator in that server, once becoming mod in this server, I have traveled the seven seas, met Obama multiple times on my business trips to the Bahamas to discuss moderation techniques for the homeless.
Oh my god, is that e-Chat lounge?
Yeah there's this EPIC mod named Lil Ben
by swagmster69 August 19, 2019
A Discord Server meant for chatting and meeting new friends. Open to everyone. Part of the e-Chat Server Group consisting of over 150,000 members at the time of writing. 2/3/2019

Join it by googling e-Chat Lounge Discord Server on Google!
I was chilling on e-Chat the other day.
Did you join e-Chat Lounge?
by FakeCriz February 3, 2019
Dum Dum e-chat 2 guys made fun if cause they have the same name
Random idiot: haha you are dumdum's son The other dumdum
Random idiot 2: haha you are the fake Dum Dum
Dum Dum: stfu bitch Dum Dum the guy that gained instant fame cause if the other
Dum Dum e-chat
by The Test Dummy March 9, 2021
Zane: Who's that?
Literally anyone: Oh that's Lynn
Zane: The baddest bitch in e-chat?
Literally everyone: Yep