Gangsta way of saying 'easy'. derrived from the letters which sound like 'easy': E and Z.
Gangsta:'Yo, your mother is E to the Z, Dawg!'
by Flynn Bakalaknabar April 01, 2008
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A term often used to diffuse ofensive sarcasm.
"Hey Fuck-face!"
"who are you calling fuck-face?"
by Mista Mike August 10, 2005
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a brand of rolling papers, most commonly associated with use in marijuana joints rather than hand-rolled cigarettes
"Yeah, one pack of e-z widers."
Convenience store owner snickers.
"Blazin' tonight?"
"You know it."
by flyinbrownie May 30, 2006
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A brand of rolling paper that began in the early 1970's named for easy identification, named after the counter culture movie, Easy Rider. It is the first known rolling paper written up in The Wall Street Journal, whose intent was for the use of smoking marijuana not tobacco. An origional slogan was, "Fly High with EZ Wider."

Dont waste that e-z wider on tobacco, roll a joint, brah!
by shitbrothadig April 17, 2007
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When you are rat-racing with another car on a tolled expressway and you both come to the toll booth, but only one has E-Z Pass, so that one cruises through with ease and the other never has a chance to catch up and get back in the race, well, you've been E-Z Passed.
I was racing a Ferrari on the turnpike and he E-Z Passed me at the toll booth. I am definitely getting an E-Z Pass immediately.
by keyline December 12, 2016
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