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Chibri is a word used by someone who is under the influence of drugs or alcohol to the extent that their ability to pronounce words properly greatly diminishes. It was originally derived from a term from the recent fad of 'Talking like a Maori': "Choice, Bro!"
Since its first usage many years ago, the word chibri has adapted to be used in place of any adjective, similar to the word smurf; although many people just use the word randomly in place of any other word, or just as an exclamation of delight.
Josh: "How 'bout another beer, bro?"
Flynn: "Chibri!"
by Flynn Bakalaknabar July 10, 2008
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Gangsta way of saying 'easy'. derrived from the letters which sound like 'easy': E and Z.
Gangsta:'Yo, your mother is E to the Z, Dawg!'
by Flynn Bakalaknabar April 01, 2008
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To urinate. Derived from the term 'Chuck a Piss'. The term references the popular actor Chuck Norris.
"I just drank 3 litres of Coke and now i gotta chuck a Norris!"
by Flynn Bakalaknabar March 28, 2008
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Caltex = cal
cal = cow
cow = moo
moo + tex = mootex

Bob: lets go get some munchies from the mootex!
Jim: don't you mean the Caltex?
Bob: yes; yes I do.
by Flynn Bakalaknabar July 10, 2008
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