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Dyldo is the nickname given to a male named Dylan. This nickname is only given to those special enough to have tapped older women or milfs. These men's lifes are bro... And they don't care what people think. Their dicks could be called 'Mandingos' and they are awesome in bed. If you ever meet a person with this nickname, acknowledge his awesomeness... And then get on your knees :) your life is ho if you get with a chama boy like this.
Oh my word, is that guys nickname Dyldo???
Yes it is, why?
Say ahhhh :)
by Dyldo today 69 November 23, 2010
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Wee wanker who is too obsessed with penis for his own good, he non stop jacks off other people's dogs and caught aids off a drug addict
Dyldo: "5820K IS SHIT! CLIO LYF"
by Penislover69xxx May 20, 2016
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