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The best Miami Heat player and top 3 SG of all time. Has most blocks by any player 6'4 and under
Yo did u see Dwyane Wade last night?
Yeah that dunk on Kendrick Perkins was insane
by Bruh Jamez April 11, 2015
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The amazing "Flash", an extremely talented offensive player, and an underrated defensive player (averages 1.2 blocks a game). D-Wade is underrated. He gets to the hoop and always finishes. He gets to the free throw line. He puts up huge numbers every night.
"Oh man, that Heat-Lakers game was sick"

"Yeah, man, especially the part when Dwyane Wade swatted the ball out of Kobe's hands, and knocked Kobe to the ground."

"HAHAHAH, yeah, that was freakin' awesome"
by Ben March 18, 2005
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A dirty, cheating player who won the MVP in the Finals only because David Stern wants him to be the next MJ. Dwyane Wade makes more trips to the foul line than entire teams - proof that the NBA is bending the rules for him. While a great player in his own right, he is not even close to being MJ and should under no circumstances be categorized with him.
Towel: "Dude, did you see how Dwyane Wade cheated the other night?"
Beaner Towel: "Yeah man, like when the refs called a foul on Marquis Daniels when he wasn't within five feet of him? Or when Dirk got called for a foul at the end of Game 5? Or ANY SINGLE CALL HE EVER GETS?"
by WhoChrisJones August 03, 2006
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One of the most explosive players in the NBA should be considered for MVP of his second year and i think he should have had more respect in his rookie season and this season. he is not getting the props he deserves
Wade w/ the 65's a prare...NO WAY SWISH!!!!!!! from 65 feet out
by Pigbenis2010 March 28, 2005
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Dwyane wade is no doubt the best and most exciting players in the NBA. If u say LeBron is, then just look at their field goal percentages. Just wait til Wade starts hitting the 3 pointer next year. hell be unstoppable. and unlike lebron, wade dunks over people, while lebron only makes his good dunks on fastbreaks wide open. wade is also more clutch and makes some of the nicest clean blocks out of anyone in the league. He does the same and more than lebron even though hes 4 inches shorter and 40 pounds lighter.
-can u believe dwyane wade is shooting almost 80% during the first 3 games of the eastern conference finals vs the pistons?
-Yea, and lebron sucks, he shot 40% against them and averaged 6 less points than wade despite taking a lot more shots

-i still cant believe Flash packed Amare Stoudamire's layup and swooshed that 65 footer at the buzzer
-well i still cant believe the nuggets took carmello anthonys fat ass instead of wade
by Dwade2750 May 28, 2006
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Shooting guard for the 2006 NBA champ Miami Heat. One of the best guards in the league. He has ability to both go to the rack or pass it out, or hit the mid range jumper.
He combines with Shaquille O'neal to creat a power-packed one two punch; the best in the game. Shaq provides space and passing ability for Dwyane to work with and in return Dwyane gives the big fella lob passes and entry passing ability.
Man that was a sick assist from Dwyane Wade to Shaq against the Pistons when he faked the shot then through up over the Wallaces for a dunk by the Big fella.
by Miamiheat323 July 05, 2006
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