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The act of two weak participants (ill of physical ability) - judged by the coliseum master- being forced to fight one another. To lose, the participant must be knocked unconscious and bleeding or dead. The survivor (winner) is then fed, rather graciously, before, unknowingly, also being fed to the Bilgesnipe. This form of fighting is most commonly associated with Asgardians as a form of entertainment for the nine realms. Bets can be placed during these fights.
ExA: Will you be attending the dweebing? I heard that it shall be dwarves tonight!
ExB: Oh those Asgardians, they really know how to throw a party! Lets go!!
ExA: Will you make a bet?
ExB: We shall evaluate the contestants before placing anything but I may do so.
by Gaey April 23, 2018
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