Kicking someone in the chest, especially in an otherwise nonviolent context such as a sports event like the World Cup final match between the Netherlands and Spain in 2010.
De Jong should have been red carded for the Dutch handshake he gave Alonso in the final. What scum.
by skyslysky July 11, 2010
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When a woman places one rubber hand with the elbowpart into her vagina, untill only the flat hand is sticking out of her birthchannel. Then the man tries to shake the flat hand on a firm manner, giving the slotanimal a pleasant and rough sensation in her slot.
Lindsay asked Bob to introduce himself to her. Then he gave her a Dutch handshake, which led to a juicy zenith.
by Bitterballo June 28, 2014
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When somebody grabs your crotch.
"Was it hard to get into that private club last night downtown?" "No, they gave me a Dutch Handshake at the door, though, I guess they thought I was packin' heat."
by Merry Present February 6, 2020
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Technically, when two men masturbate each other, but more often used when two people compliment each other's previous work, or accomplishments.
"My John I loved your appearance on yesterday's broadcast."
"Why thank you Philip, but it came no where near your expose on the Costa Rican labia trade."

"Why don't you two stop the Dutch Handshake and get back to work!"
by Belgian Dutch Hater September 18, 2012
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The act of discretely cupping a fart in your hand and then pretending to offer to shake someone’s hand. As the hand is offered in pseudo-friendship it is jerked swiftly upwards and the crumbly air biscuit is thrown into the face of the recipient.
"Nice to meet you Mr Smith" said Mr Brown as he discretely cupped his fart. "Nice to meet you too" said Mr Smith, holding out his hand in greeting. The exchange is sealed by a Dutch Handshake as Mr Brown offers his hand, only to throw the gaseous faeces into Mr Smith’s face at the last second.
by Heady71 January 31, 2008
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The act of blowing your nose into your hand and getting it all snotty and wet and giving a guy a hand job. They are commonly done in the winter in Holland because many people have runny noses at that time of year.
I had a runny nose so I gave this dude a Dutch Handshake!
by aliastierny March 3, 2007
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