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A trifling unexperienced hoe. Often confused for a water moccasin.

A Dusa can be found spending her time on the porch of a trailer smoking cigarettes and showing off her uneven breast and flat ass jumping from one dick to another without taking a bath first.
Normally only dates men who do cheap drugs and spends all his money on cigarettes, blunt wraps and Mt Dew.
I don't know what you see in that dirty ass fat dusa.
by MrPutItInHerHand March 07, 2017
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The act of calling someone by their last name. "Dusa!!" As you say the name have much emphasis on the "Du" and carry some of your effort into the "sa." "Dusa." Once heard, many others join in to announce the presence of Dusa. Usually sounding a lot like this. "Dusa." "Dusa!" "Dusa." "Dusa."

"Hey there's Lauren."
"Who's Lauren? that's Dusa."
by WhatsUpDusa December 05, 2012
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