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Durham Academy is a private school located in Durham, NC. It is a K-12 school. Homework load is usually from 1-3 hours. DA's mascot is a cavalier. DA's sports teams are usually very good. DA students usually go to excellent colleges. DA is an awesome school and you should totally go to it.
Guy1: Hey dude guess what!
Guy 2: What?
Guy: I got into Durham Academy!
Guy2: Awesome!
by Mattisawesome April 01, 2015
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A Private school in NC which is well dressed, but not preppy. It gets kids into good schools so they can become big ballers. The public school kids donot like durham academy becasue after highschool they will be flipping burgers, while the DA kids are getting good jobs and driving sexy cars
Durham Academy is so preppy......
Nope... theyre just smart and make you look like the dumbass you are
by Sbalz4ever January 29, 2011
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An all-white school located in Durham, NC. Everybody drives benzes. The tuition is absurd but the campus is worse than Durham Tech. None of the sports teams are good, and their gym is a piece of shit. And their vending machines eat all of your money. The people that go there think that they're cool as fuck when really they're not. They always complain about homework but they end up going to App. State. And they don't even have a football team.
Guy 1: Do you go to Durham Academy?
Guy 2: Yeah....
Guy 1: Sucks for you.
Guy 2: Its not that bad.
Guy 1: Oh yeah?
Guy 2: No, I lied.
by kajndsvnoawinaevas October 30, 2011
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durham academy is a home to students in the triangle area. many students are avid duke fans (f-you) or UNC fans (f-you too). they are snooty rich kids. it's a completely white school. no one who goes to public schools likes them.

the students think they are ghetto-ass white kids and know they're rich.
dude, do you know that school thats rich and stuff?

you mean, durham academy?


i hate that school!
by 15potsocki December 14, 2010
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