The one house that just smells so bad it makes you want to kill yourself
MAN, Peytons house smells like shit. I’m about to just call it the must dungeon
by D1CK CHEESE March 7, 2021
Putting that work in under the radar, when the flash is off and the people aren’t paying attention to you.
Man look at John over there? How’d he get like that? He must’ve been putting in that Dungeon Work!
by GS1106 February 28, 2023
The disgusting funkness that individuals can collect when abstaining from bathing and other hygenic practices.

Can include people who play WoW or other MMO's for far too long in ne sitting.
Blood of Jesus this dude's breath stinks. He just sprayed me with half a kilo of dungeon dust.
by Yowza_Bob January 25, 2011
where and the boys go to release our built up shit, also an excellent spot to get pink eye
Person 1: yo i gotta shit real bad
Person 2: the toilets are occupied though
Person 1: fuck yes off to the shit dungeon we go
Person 2: yesssssss
by gamner sex June 14, 2019
A Dungeon Crawler is one who sleeps in the basement and has OMD (Obsessive Meme Dissorder) most Dungeon Crawlers are low level sex slaves made through incest all have a form of disablilty usually something major like Aspergers. I hear of one Dungeon Crawler named Madison they are very elusive due to their nature. If one is to find one do not tell the father as he will put his street meat back in the basement and will not be seen again if you are a Dungeon Crawler call 911
Dude I think your girlfriend was a Dungeon Crawler, she’s always sending memes, maybe it’s time to put her down
by Slave Master101 May 30, 2018