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A person (Not always named Duncan), usually male who you will most likely encounter early on in life. He will protect and nurture those he cares for and will attempt to make people feel safe and comfortable in his presence. Duncan's are usually shy and lacking in confidence but are overwhelmingly intelligent and loving once they get to know you. They are affectionate and more often than not, will be too timid to engage in socializing with those they love or care for. Duncan's will tend to be quiet and contemplative, constantly observing and thinking. They must be kept hold of at all costs when found as Duncan's are rare and most of the time will only be noticed by people much later in their life, typically when in other relationships.

Duncan (Gaelic) = Dark-Skinned Warrior
She never really thought of Duncan that way, but she realised that once he left, things were not the same
by DuckorTurtle? August 08, 2011

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