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A person that is so worthless you would contemplate hanging out with a sack full of doo doo rather than be around them. A person that constantly needs to be reminded that they are worthless because they do not realize it.
Damn- i need to get outta this party, all I see are dumpsacks.

We had to cut that kid from our team, he was such a dumpsack.
by c.harris April 20, 2011
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To dumpsack is to shit in a paper bag, then throw it on somebody’s porch alight. Worried, they stomp out the fire, therefore, getting shit on them.
Them niggas slipped me some duds on purpose, so I dumpsacked them faggots last night.
by El ritardo July 01, 2018
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A sack of weed that is both skimpy and poor quality...and smashed. Derranged from the term "skimpsack".
An example of a dumpsack would be weed you buy from some cracked out wierdo who calls the weed "dense", but is just smashed from them sitting on it.
by Jasmine Kela June 23, 2008
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A rotten dirty excuse for a vagina literally your last resort but definitely one you keep a secret and wear 10 rubbers but enjoy every second of its nasty glory
Omg did you say Jason smashing that snaggletoothsauruses dump sack I bet his dick is gonna fall off
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