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A girl's ass that you'd like to tap. Infact, any girls ass. I love girl asses.
"Man, that girl's legs go on forever."
"Not a bad dumper either."
by Balls November 14, 2004
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An individually that takes advantage of low wholesale drug prices to sell them for low retail prices.
She just wanna ride with a dumper!
by Mike Vick's Trainer March 31, 2017
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A relatively large ass.
When someone with a dumper backs up,
it can be dangerous
Wow, Jade has a dumper
by Alex GERONIMO! December 19, 2005
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A phrase often used to refer to usually a young man with pants that ride below his shit hole. The meaning behind the phrase is the pants are so low it looks like the lad shit his pants with such an intensive furry it dragged the pants down almost to the floor.
The kid thinks he's gangsta cause he wears his pants like dumpers.
by gammy num nums November 01, 2010
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The commonly used term for Butt.
This is Used in description of the female anus as spoke of toward Anal intercorse.
This is also used to describe the Male Anus, but normally used to speek about unwanted sodamy, sometimes with Unordinary objects.
"God dude Check out that chicks Dumper!"
"Damn dude I wouldn't mind Dropping some Super man goo In her Dumper."
"Bah dude Sorry to hear about that plunger the jammed in your dumper."
by Rukas December 23, 2003
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