A guy named Michael who acts like he knows everything and does stupid shit.
Michael: How do you spell "sexist"
Me: You're dumber than a rock
by 093707053 July 3, 2018
Dumber than a rock on a bad day, which would be dumber on the dumb scale compared to "Dumber than a rock".
Friend 1: Your dumber than a rock!
Friend 2: Your dumber than a rock on a bad day!
Friend 1: Shit.
by jeffboi42 August 21, 2020
when ur pretty dumb. my mom says this to me all the time.
Ur dumber than a box of rocks
shut up dumbass
by barbarino April 19, 2005
Phrase describing a person who lacks the collective intelligence of a box of rocks; possibly a bit more intelligent or a bit less intelligent than a person who is dumb as a rock.
John lit a match so he could see where the gas was leaking out; he's dumber than a box of rocks.
by Rocky Balbowa November 20, 2007
A Southern idiom for someone who is beyond stupid.
Dave: I tell you Bobby is dumber that a sack of rocks.
Laura: Why?
Dave: I asked him to meet me outside the movie theater, and asked inside or outside.
Clerk: Your total is $10.05 Do you have a nickel?
Bobby: No, only 5 pennies.
Clerk: You are dumber than a sack of rocks.
by fml October 31, 2007
where an individual that is really off and not quite there yet with the rest of his population.
you are "dumber than a bag of rocks"
by youpapa420 February 28, 2022