n. a powerful NCAA lacrosse team whose reputation has drained instantly due to some stripper who keeps on changing her story repeatedly and three overprivileged players and a desperate D.A.

v. to suffer from a crazy scandal
Man, I just got Duke Lacrossed because of that crazy bitch. Man, I'm going to end up like that Collin Finnerty guy.
by Kenny McCor June 22, 2006
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an NCAA team that recruits rich, racist, horny bastards to play a ridiculous sport. the sole requirement for becoming a member of the duke lacrosse team is that you enjoy raping women at parties.
the Duke Lacrosse team is a roving, vigalante mob of white yuppies that goes form party to party raping every stripper they encounter
by Stay Out Of The South May 27, 2006
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To accuse customers of rape whilst simultaneously holding at least five other "flavors" of DNA inside oneself, leftover from previous naked performance(s).
The nappy-headed ho that duke lacrossed 'em didn't play no basketball, but she sure did dribble. Good ball handler, too, they say.
by Dick TrampStampski April 24, 2007
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When a group of young, hormonal men, engage in sex with a certain lady friend once a time. Sometimes the certain lady can be getting it "doggy style" while performing oral sex on another male.
"Hey Nick, see that girl over there in the brown pants?" - Friend 1
"Yeah" - Friend 2
"Well she got duke lacrossed" Friend 1
"Interesting" Friend 2
by the puffer guy January 19, 2012
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to rape a hooker who will later change her story for publicity
bitch dont make me duke lacrosse you
by chargerpride21 August 19, 2008
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A team of horny indviduals who rape girls at a party
Me and my friends teamed up on your mother and duke lacrossed her in the bung hole
by John Lang April 30, 2006
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a team of non-rapists whose sport and reputations have been destroyed due to over-exploitation and ignorance. many people like to talk about the duke rape case but they actually have very few of the facts (the rest of which they make up in accordance to their own opinions) and jump to conclusions and uninformed decisions.
"Someone knocked a guy unconcious at Cook Out because he was wearing a Duke Lacrosse team shirt? What a fool."
by * voice of reason * May 17, 2006
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