To be extremely disgusting. Seriously fucking nasty.
"Dude you're such a duge!"
"He feltched her? that's so dugy man"

T(11:51:45 PM): morgan check your computer, some dirty jew bastard obviously has some weird spyware on our computers
x (11:51:57 PM): that dugy fuck.
by meltthesugar August 5, 2009
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a combination of dude and G.
What up duge?

Duge, I just saw Avatar in 3D!!
by JulianRifkin January 3, 2010
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A Complete Arsehole Who Picks On Sissys Like Stuart Coyle And Jamie Soar HAHA Wot A Cocksucker
i am a arse - quote from duge
by michael lawrie November 16, 2003
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jackass jackass jackass jackass jackass, big wannabe raj, poor quality dj, jst no more
by YER MA October 27, 2003
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a sexual act in which a person bends themself in unsightly ways in order to achieve penetration.
Guy: "Man my backs sore." Guy#2 "Why is it hurting so bad?" Guy: "I gave my girlfriend a duge last night." Guy#2 "Oh i see"
by the hit man January 5, 2008
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your close friend or pal, guy or gal.
Whudup duges!

Where we going out to tonight duges?
by Delearyium May 3, 2010
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failed scary person, failed comedian ,Failed radge, failed school pupil, failed stoner, failed dj. General waste of time & space. Nothing he says should be taken seriously or even listened to, attempts to "pap" you may be fended off by raising your arm, or giving him a ball of string to play with. Devotes spare time to insulting members of society ie. jamie soar. If he is allowed to connect with wet electrical sockets and baked cheese then he will, unfortunately, take over the world and become invincible; lets hope this never happens.
duge iz pyooyur unbahruly men'uw
by clamhat October 16, 2003
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