A character from Dreamcathcer. He gives special powers to Pete, Jonsey, Beaver, and Henry. He is actually an alien who owns "ista gay", or Mister Gray who is an alien, in the climax of the movie. He is one of the greatest characters ever created. Duddits is also an alien but takes the form of a retarded person while on earth.
1. "Duddits love us all." - Jonsey
1. "No play, see ya later, Ista Gay." - Duddits
by Sexy Ben August 2, 2005
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Taken from dreamcatcher and used to describe a person that while not actually mentally challanged often does things that could cause them to be mistaken for a re-tard. see also; re re or fucktard.
That buggy buster is such a duddits.
by david hargis July 12, 2006
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