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A character from Dreamcathcer. He gives special powers to Pete, Jonsey, Beaver, and Henry. He is actually an alien who owns "ista gay", or Mister Gray who is an alien, in the climax of the movie. He is one of the greatest characters ever created. Duddits is also an alien but takes the form of a retarded person while on earth.
1. "Duddits love us all." - Jonsey
1. "No play, see ya later, Ista Gay." - Duddits
by Sexy Ben August 02, 2005
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Band that i liked from 6th to 8th grade when i relized how annoying their screaming gets after awhile.
they wouldnt be so bad if they didnt scream so much.
Me in 6th grade, "Wow I love Linkin Park they are awesome."

Me now, "Wow Linkin Park sucks cock, their fuckin screaming is really annoying."
by Sexy Ben August 21, 2005
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A musician with some good songs.
In his latest Album Guerro his most popular song is "Girl"
Where many mistake what he says inbetween my and girl. I believe he says cyanide which doesn't make much sense other then the fact that cyanide is poison just like this woman he seems to singing about.
by Sexy Ben August 21, 2005
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1. A band that is better then all others.

2. Something there can only be one of. If there is more then one then it is not the best band ever.

3. The best band ever depends on the person you ask.
Cleetus, "yeah, I think Brooks and Dunn, Nickel Creek, and Weezer are the best bands ever."

Ace, "There can only be one best band ever cock sucker. God, I fuckin hate you, you should burn in hell you red neck son of a bitch."
by Sexy Ben August 22, 2005
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