A Nickname that can only be used on EXTREMLY awesome people.
Bob: That guy is the awesomest guy i know.
Jack: HEY! Your new name is Duckey!
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After a man cums inside a condom , he takes it off and smacks his lover with the cum filled condom
After we fucked I have her a good rubber duckey on the ass
by Infamouslyfamous January 15, 2019
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A very sexy person, who has made it his life ambition to kill everyone in his path of his goal.
by Sponged August 28, 2008
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a very childish game created by 3 pizza hut employee's in red bluff california.

the game involve's taking rubber duck's and placing them in public tiolet's with a sign posted to the wall that say's "sink the duckey"

was performed on night at the local walmart, the tiolet's were clogged and the janitor was pissed.
by erik debauchery September 25, 2006
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