Duck day is the final day of the working week, usually a Friday. It comes from the saying 'Water off a ducks back' where by the final day of the working week the troubles and concerns that seemed so important and now seemingly less important.
lucy: How was your week

Sarah: I've been working with some terrible customers. Thank godness it's duck day
by flyism July 27, 2012
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A duck looks so calm swimming on top of the water but down below he's kicking like mad to stay afloat. A duck day is where your whole team is kicking like mad to keep the stats up or to look good for managers.
Brooke: Thank god your here
Beth: Why
Brooke: 2 out sick 1 on leave. It's a duck day.
Beth oh no!
by Kahula April 30, 2008
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June 5th
A day where we celebrate ducks. What purpose do they have on earth? I don’t know, but they deserve to be cherished.
Hey! It’s National Duck Day! Maybe we can make duck cookies?
by Dfbjdcnsncm July 20, 2021
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April 9th, national hug a duck day in England, Norway, and Iceland. In previously mentioned countries, you must hug at least one duck on April 9th, or suffer consequences such as the death penalty, or up to 40 years in jail, depending on what other fowl have been hugged.
"Hey, I heard Betty forgot to hug a duck on hug a duck day"
"Yeah, she's dead now."
by ducklover9009 April 9, 2021
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A day to appreciate and spoil your little ducky friends!! **November 6th!!!!!**
“Dude, November 6th I’m gonna spoil my duck!”
“Because it’s National duck day!!”
by Waddles the Rouen July 28, 2023
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National 4 legged duck day
Comon lets go catch a 4 legged duck it’s National 4 legged duck day.
by Lexi Simmons October 24, 2019
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