A fanfiction term that refers to sex that is not explicitly consented to, but is wanted by both parties.

A fanfiction term ONLY. Sex that is not explicitly consented to in real life is just RAPE.
This fanfiction contains dubcon
by Lesbian675 May 31, 2022
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“Dubcon is fancy name for rape
by Disasterdyke September 26, 2019
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Used in fanfiction to describe sexual situations of "dubious consent", where it's not exactly noncon (nonconsentual, e.g. rape), nor is it consentual.
Fic Warnings: slight dubcon, boys fighting
by silly_walk22 August 21, 2006
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Dubious consent. Fanfiction that's not really noncon (rape) or consensual. For example, underage smut, especially with a large age gap, would be dubcon.
I read this Weecest dubcon fic last night and liked it. I wonder what hell is like, since I'll be going there soon.
by problematic_dishpan March 19, 2016
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An ice cream cone that is a dud.
I went to get an ice cream from the store but they gave m a Dubcone.
by Skiiiiiiii :) March 25, 2022
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A term referring to the 3rd quarter dominance by the Golden State Warriors. It plays off the term DEFCON, used by the US armed forces.
Dude: The Warriors are down 20 at the half. This game is over.
Dude 2: lol. Just wait, DUBCON 3 is about to be activated!!
12 minutes later......

Mike Breen: Baaaang...... the warriors lead by 15!
by Musze June 7, 2019
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