E-dublble is an east coast hip-hop artist who currently lives in Baltimore, Maryland. He was born 1982 in the suburbs of Philadelphia. He is known for his debut album "hip hop is good" and for his "Freestyle Friday s", where he made a new song every Friday for aout 1 year.

E-dubble s music distinguishes it self from that of other rappers because e-dubble uses his music as a tool to show his thoughts and feelings in an honest style that is difficult to find in hip-hop. His songs often have a very fast uptempo beat, nasty lyrics and a extreamely catchy hook. The lyrics message is uplifting and it will put you in a good mood while listening to it.
Guy 1: "Chek out this rapper man he is fucking awesome, his name is e-dubble".

Guy 2: "I will, what did you say was his name ?"
by milandaking July 23, 2012
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