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State of alcohol intoxication where a person has been completely obliterated with an amount of alcohol that is extremely above his/her tolerance level. Exceedingly bad decision-making skills are prevalent, periods of functioning black-outs ensue, appearance includes but not limited to: pasty skin tone (due to severe dehydration), glazed over half-opened eyes, a swaying gait, standing is difficult and falling is pretty much guaranteed, disheveled hair (rats nest for females)… unfortunately this person thinks & acts like their overall appearance is way hotter than reality. Basically makes a complete ass out of him or herself… extreme moron activities are a given. A drunkenstein will bulldoze blindly over anything and everyone in their path without acknowledgment (basically like Frankenstein would). Attitude & activities of a drunkenstein will often push people around them to the point where they want to kick the drunkenstein's ass.

Examples of activities while in this state: drinking and dialing / texting your friends or flavor(s) and leaving overly loving or rude and nasty, slurred, unintelligible messages ("I love you more than you know" or "hey cock-sucking whore"). A drunkenstein, will fight with friends or strangers… pushing buttons to start a fight (for no explainable reason?). Tackle and wreste people down or destroy others personal property. Smack people in the genitals and think it's funny. Expose nipples, cooch or cock to anyone - thinking they actually want to and should see it. Tongue kiss with same-sex friend (and are not gay/lesbian). Dance with him/herself in a mirror and think they're dancing with an actual partner. Take off on a drunk-run, not sure where to, but just run for miles (Forest Gump?). Pee their pants (in public). OR pee on partner and say they're marking their territory. Pee on furniture thinking it’s the toilet and then actually try to find the flusher. A drunkenstein would crawl in to bed with friends' significant other or mom/dad and spoon/snuggle them. Dine & dash (unknowingly?) or run from taxicabs after not paying. Face-plant falls - stitches required… any type of fall (gait issues). Beer goggle with EXTREMELY regrettable hook ups.
by P. Stephens October 02, 2006
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A person who gets so drunk that the can no longer hold conversations, talk normally or function like a normal human. Drunkenstein can usually only stiffly walk to the bar and order more booze in a language only a bartender will understand.

Drunkensteins tend to grunt and groan more frequently than normal drunks.

Drunkenstein has been known to say "Booze gooood, water baaad!"
Check out Drunkenstein heading back to the bar. I bet he's not ordering water!
by Fritopia March 18, 2009
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A person who has consumed too much alcohol and starts to act and speak like Frankenstein. They usually walk with a stagger or limp and will gravitate towards women and shiny objects.
Keegan turned into Drunkenstein last night and scared off all the chicks. We are lucky no one showed up with torches and pitchforks.
by Bass Windu January 27, 2012
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Drunken block headed asshole who who is usually abusive to significant other
Is she still with Drunkenstein, he's ruining her life.
by FarSided February 09, 2011
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