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Much like the Drunk Dial or the drunk text, it is contacting someone by way of your myspace account while sloppy drunk and send messages and/or comments, esp., to your friends that you will most likely regret once you sober up

Contacting someone on MySpace while drunk that you would not contact sober, particularly an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend.
Jane: "What are you doing getting back together with Mike, I thought you had a restraining order against him?"

Andrea: "What are you talking about?"

Jane: "Yeah Girl, You left him a comment last night that says you love him and he the one for you- it's right here on his myspace page..."

Andrea: "Oh my God, I drunk myspaced Mike last night! I didn't mean that!"
by miss_MK October 21, 2006
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Like the Drunk Dial except instead of using a telephone to contact an individual you use your account to either message, comment, picture comment, or blog about your current intoxication.

To become inebriated and then proceed to leave comments of questionable nature on your friend's MySpace page.
<Phil> Oh man! I think I drunk myspaced Lily last night, maybe I can go back and delete my comment before she reads it...
<Greg> Yeah, you might want to do that, you were pretty trashed!
by Saint Robby April 24, 2006
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