A person with whom you appear to be great friends with while drunk, but the next day you don't even acknowledge that you know each other.
I went into the night not knowing anyone, but when I left I was drunk friends with half the people there. I gave most of them hugs when I left.

It was pretty awkward at school today. I was drunk friends with Jack last night, but I didn't even say hi to him at school.
by irishrugby77 January 18, 2011
The act of friend-requesting a person you think you know on a social networking website while heavily intoxicated.
"When I got home from the bar, I sent a friend request to that girl I met last night."
"Dude that's not her. You just drunk-friended someone, you fucking idiot."
by Gorgoroth September 5, 2009
a person or "friend" which you only see when drunk this could be someone who works in a club where you go late in the night or you both get drunk before you go out
him "did you see John last night"

her "yeah i only see him when im drunk, hes my drunk friend"
by Burge124 September 16, 2010
A person who only calls you to hang out when they want to get drunk. After 3 hours of drunkeness, you are best friends; and then they disappear until the next drunken session is in order.
Hey, I didn't know you knew Ashley. Yeah, I hang out with her but only on the weekends; she's my phantom drunk friend.
by Leanne0121 October 6, 2011