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Refraining from having sex with a female while you are both suffering from the effects of overindulgence in alcohol. Most cases like that are usually described as brewer’s droop or beerdick. Perhaps the person who came up with the idea that this is down to morals, ethics or willpower should remember the old saying a standing cock has no conscience and leave the bullshit to the politicians.
“Sally and I got ratassed last night; she was gagging for it, but I didn’t do anything.”
Drunk chivalry?”
“Nah, brewer’s droop.”
by AKACroatalin December 14, 2015
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A term coined by a man named Robert in May of 2015, Drunk Chivalry is the willpower to not make of move on a girl while you are both inebriated. Only a few people can achieve such a state
Guy 1: you could have banged her, you were both so shitfaced.
Guy 2: must have been drunk chivalry

chivalry drunk
by truththebitch October 20, 2015
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