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To decapititate, destory, conquer, desolate, sabotage, ruin, ravish, smash, butcher, massacre, demolish, immorally annihilate an object or person in a violent manner; often used in reference to sexual context.

Pronounciation; DJHRUAELH
Sam, you see Mrs Cox in music today, she was walking weirdly because I drulled her so badly.

Mr Hussey was late for his piano lesson today because Mr Booth was teaching him to do a perfect drullroll
by WHUFC19 April 30, 2010
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An experimental electronic duo based in Philadelphia.
"Did you hear Crimson? Drull's music is the best!"
by lighta April 13, 2013
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A rather pungent vagrant walked by and drull was the only thing keeping me from attacking him.
by Desomnaic March 01, 2009
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