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To rap about something important, not 'Pussy, Money, Weed.' If a rapper tries to inform his audience about an important topic, he is dropping science. No longer relevant as the act of dropping science ended when people started listening to 50 Cent.
A Tribe Called Quest is well known for dropping science due to their raps about the word nigga and date rape.
by Captain Ronnie Rampage September 14, 2008
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The act of delivering factual information into a conversation.
Person A: The moon is made of cheese.

Person B: The moon looks like cheese from our perspective but is actually an interstellar body made up of space elements.

Person C: Damn, you're dropping science!
by NAJansma August 21, 2013
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taking lsd for recreational use.

popularized in bassnectars song riddiculous wobble

guy 1: man you were FU&$ED up last night!

guy2: man i was DROPPING SCIENCE
by dropper of science August 16, 2009
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To purposely last as short as possible whilst having sexual intercourse. To be in and out as soon as possible. Similar to pulling an italian job .
"You out tonite?"
"yeah, give me ten minutes, just dropping science"
by Daniel Jones 11 66 yes April 10, 2007
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