Commonly referred to as slouch socks and worn in DC many, many years ago. often paired with hi-top reeboks or tims. Can still be seen worn by oldheads and people from murrlandwho don't let trends go
girl from uptown dc circa early 1990's:"Imma wear my lil Madness tee wit my parasuco strech jeans, some drop socks and some chucks"
girl from southeast:" Oh, Imma wear this lil dress i bought from ddtp wit my susie wong MCM"
girl from trinidad:"I wanna wear my joan & david tennis shoes but i dont know if i should where some slouch socks"
by cocochanel October 22, 2005
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To plunge one's dick violently downward into the knucks or the knot by placing the broad's head on the floor with her legs on the bed, and in a piledriving motion wrap your legs around her hips grab your tube socks and drop straight meat in that bitch!
That bitch was actin' up so I pushed her off the bed and straight drop socks on a bitch!
by Big Bizniz March 15, 2008
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When somebody is in such a hurry that they might literally "drop a sock".
I'm only here for a minute, I'm about to drop a sock.
by "Drop a sock" March 17, 2017
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an insult, oh just drop your socks = get screwed/ fuck off
i think you should "drop your socks"

"drop your socks"
by Dionne and Jade rock :D xx September 30, 2008
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I was dropping socks like crazy but he wasn't picking them up.
by brylivoribi February 03, 2017
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When you use your solid cum sock as a weapon against intruders
Some guy broke in the other night so i gave him the sock drop
by January 09, 2021
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