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Casual wetness caused by a guy singing good karaoke, pictures of Jon Hamm in tight pants, a strong best man speech, and a warm batch of cinnamon rolls (cinnies).
Harold's best man speech was so good, it gave me the drip drops.
by DarlingDarryl March 12, 2017
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Making it rain in a strip club with minimal amounts of money.
Zarell didn't have much money to make it rain at the strip club, however he had 4 singles to make it drip drop.
by Greggles & Morrison August 22, 2011
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Stank ass weed. Drip drop dro. Indicative of the drip drops of the water used in hydro/aeroponic gardening systems, to grow hydro weed.
"smokin some o dat drip drop; dat dro".
by A1~*~1A February 20, 2009
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When your nose is draining from all the drugs you put in it
My allergies sometimes make me feel like my nose has a drip drop and I can't stop sneezing
by 10kiki14 January 24, 2018
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