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Drezden is a German derived name from old Sorbian, Drežďany. It means people of the riverside forest. He is usually tall and is a great listener when it comes to anything, and everything like tea. He's usually a nice person, but sometimes also is extremely skilled at roasting people. At first, he might be hard to make friends with, but when you actually try, he's easy to talk to. When someone has the name Drezden, it means that person is amazing and unique because their name is quite rare. He's also a memer and is really funny. Overall, Drezdens' make really good friends.
"Do you see that tall dude hanging out with Arden and Evelyn?"
"Yeah, he must be a Drezden."
by arezlyn October 17, 2018
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Drezden.... the sweetest and funniest guy you will ever meet! He will always comfort you and can help with all of your problems! He can make you laugh even when your crying. He can say something sweet that will melt your heart. He is super loud and silly but so am I! We are best friends and I hope that remands for life! I love you potato!!! -Turtle Pug!/am

Hey oof! What’s up?
Oof idk U? Lol
by Turtle Pug December 02, 2018
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