Verb. To shake or shiver as if you had a chill for a brief second however it does not need to be and often is not cold when one dreyfuses. It is believed that this action occurs when a dead, often family, spirit passes over you. One cannot control when he or she dreyfuses, it just happens.
Nina "shivers"
Ashley: What? Are you cold? It's 90 degrees outside!
Nina: Nah, I just dreyfused. Don't ask me why.
Ashley: Ah, I gotcha.
by Dreyf February 7, 2009
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Julia Louis-Dreyfus is he lady who plays Elaine on the best show ever "Seinfeld" Often seen as a tomboy, Elaine was added to Seinfeld becuase of the creater's feeling that the show needed a female element. Turned out it was a good idea. Elaine likes to date around, as do all the other characters in Seinfeld.
Remember in "The Pen" when Elaine (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) got drunk and went "STELLLLLLAAAAAA!!!! STELLLLAAAAAA!!!!!"
by Is this needed? January 31, 2007
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Noun. (Hollywood slang): An article of clothing made from elasticized fabric that encirclies the body at the waist effecting the compression of the abdomen for the purpose of making the wearer seem slimmer; a girdle.

See also: corset
Nick Nolte told Rolling Stone that when he made "Cannery Row" he was so overweight he was forced to wear a 'Richard Dreyfus Special' during filming.
by Jon C. Hopwood March 4, 2006
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To randomly and quickly over act...... ten nine different scenarios.
if you punch a five year old in the face ten times you have committed a crime, if you stab him thirty seven times in the chest you have won the Richard Dreyfus Variety hour!!!
by Broguts February 28, 2010
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dreyfus is a chill guy who gets along with everyone, he has a good music taste, has a good sense of humour, sense of fashion and knows how to make others smile. he appreciates the simpler things in life as well as the nicer things. dreyfus gives of clifford the red dog vibes, he especially likes to be called fifi. he has freakishly nice finger nails and brows as well as hair, he also has a bit of a fear of rejection and death but he doesn’t let those things hold him back from the greater opportunities in life. last of all he makes a really good boyfriend/friend/brother/son so make sure to look after him and listen to his wise words :p
“wow dreyfus you remind me of the big red dog clifford
by sult_naaaaa August 17, 2021
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