A synonym for Swag steezy or whatever ..
"Yo Bro That shirt is mad Drape "
"I'm Draped As Fuck with my Jordan Concords"
by saaaywaht December 23, 2011
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A word used to describe a vagina that has large, low hanging lips. See, Beef Curtains
"Whoa, that stripper has some serious Beef Curtains!" "Trust me, those are much to small to be Beef Curtains, those are what you call Drapes."
by Nutzonyochin August 05, 2005
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A verb describing the act of draping (Dance raping).

Drape is when one party, forces another party into the act of dancing. Whilst the tools of the drapest are more psychological then physical the extend of the arsenal of the drapest are not fully understood.
i was at a club the other night and saw a guy getting completely draped in front of me.
by manoos July 23, 2014
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The act of someone pulling down the front of their pants just enough to expose pubic hair but not far enough to show genitals.
"Ah, dude, John just draped me. His pubes look like a ZZ Top beard."
by NC Cam November 19, 2009
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Baggy, pleated, high-wasited trousers more or less based on the mainstream men's style popular from the late 1930's to mid 1950's. An extreme, close at the ankle version of these trousers was an integral part of a zoot suit.
Check out the reet pleats on my new drapes.
by Dan O. December 07, 2005
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Shortened version of Dance Rape. When someone dances in your personal space, and it is unwanted.
Every time Ashley hits the dance floor, she gets draped by all the ugly guys.
by Beetotch January 19, 2014
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To have thrust somebody (against thier will) while both of you are wearing clothes.
Greg: I got d'raped by a d'rapist.
Dave: I wish somebody would d'rape me.
by Mister Shaun May 08, 2008
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