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When an individual gets angry after consuming a large amount of alcohol. Drunk + Angry = Drangry.
I had a blast on Friday night until Keri got drangry. She wanted a cheeseburger but at 4 am pizza was the only food available for blocks. The night went downhill from there.
by veggiec December 10, 2009
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Someone who is angry because they need an achoholic drink
He was drangry because he needed a beer
by Beeraholic June 17, 2016
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Similar to "Hangry"

When a person is getting angry because they are without an adult beverage for an extended period of time.
Where's our server, I'm starting to get drangry.

Dude, you'd better order two drinks. This service is really slow and nobody wants to see you get drangry.
by leeeeeno November 11, 2015
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an adjective used to describe a drunk person who has become belligerently angry.

"Oh my God Clint, you're so drangry. It's trashy. I'm over it.
by DeckRhetor November 29, 2008
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