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A rare high quality batch of Cocaine. Usually cut staight off a brick. The purity is usually above 97%. (also known as D.S).
"I got a nice g of Dragon Scales the other day. I couldnt feel my face for 8 hours."
by in4GBH May 25, 2009
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Using a scale of 1 through 10 dragons (sometimes 11 or 12 in extreme cases) based on how bizarre something or a situation is. Dragon weirdness was first conceived in Starsky and Hutch in the jail house scene when Will Ferrell tells Starsky and Hutch that things may get really weird, "2 dragons."
Andrew: You see that tall blond over there with that midget?
Jenny: They liked to be called little people.
Andrew: Whatever, that's at least 11 dragons.
Jenny: Nah, I say it's no more than 9 dragons on the dragon scale.
by Momo Mayes June 21, 2007
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Nick-name for any girl with nice titties and body but as soon as you get under her shirt or in her pants you quickly find that she has skin that feels like disgusting ass dragon scales so you fake an orgasm and get out asap.
Logan:*Sad look* AJ: Something wrong bro? Logan: #She who will not be named# turned out to be a Dragon Scales bro!! AJ: Dear God! No God!
by ajgamerguy August 29, 2007
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