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The leader or master of a triad gang, usually identify kept secret except from higher rank members.
Hey Shen if you keep up with the good work maybe you can get the attention of the Dragon Head.
by Nobody987 November 15, 2014
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When a girl gives you head in the morning before brushing her teeth.
GUY 1: Dude my girl gave me the best dragon head this morning.

GUY 2: Really?

GUY 3: Yeah her breath stank pretty bad, but it felt good.
by Dicky Sanchez September 14, 2013
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The popularly accepted term for having the greatest blowjob you've ever had/heard of.
Joe: I just came home from my girlfriends place.
Frank: Sick dude! What happened?
Joe: I got some Dragonhead!
Frank: OMFG.*Extreme jealousness*
by abomination12 November 13, 2011
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