An intense form of "Read Me". To talk about a person with utter accuracy and shade, but not really shade because it is all true. Used originally by Black, gay men, and then broadly used across Twitter to reply to tweets that seemed to be directed to the reader. It's acknowledging the shade was perfect against one's own person and having no response to it.

Imagine a person in a fight being dragged by her braids, edges all askew, wig on the ground, because someone's insult hit them square in the chest.

Similar in tone to "read me", "fight me" or "@ me next time."
"Well you know I'm very rich."
"Honey, where are the riches? In your preowned, base model Jaguar or in the house you had to file bankruptcy to keep?"
"OMG Bitch drag me!"

"Women have no trouble responding to 'nice guys' when they're hungry."
Girl why is this tweet dragging me?!
by HeIsSoShady October 13, 2020
It's been a rough day. You spilled yogurt on your shirt, your car wouldn't start, and your significant other still hates you. Thinking it's all over, you walk inside, greeted by a wall of bullshit.

"So you can stay home to wash yogurt out of your clothes, but when I need someone to help me move my racist grandma into the nursing home, you're 'busy all week.'"
"Bae I'm sorry I had lunch with my boss and wasn't on fleek."
"You work at Domino's."
by Mah Pie August 12, 2016
Song by the Best Boy band ever - One Direction
Fr: omg! This song is amazing! Do you know its name!
Me: It is Drag Me down by One Direction!
by IHAEADC December 3, 2020
a movie about some chick that gets cursed, the she gets scared, blah blah.. meets people that help her ris the curse of her.
by davidM0NARREZ May 29, 2009
Probably the worst 2009 B movie ever made. Too bad it has the Mac guy in it. Went in expecting it to be shit but not that bad. About some blond chick who denies an old russian lady a bank loan to keep her house, old russian lady steals a button off little bank tellers jacket, makes the devil come after her, until the blond chick meets this indian guy who just so happens to also speak spanish and be a gypsy who helps her release the demon from her soul, but only after the girl tries to sacrifice her kitten to the demon so it will go away.

Ends badly, not worth your time or money. Only reason I went was because they carded me for "The Hangover".
"Did you go see "Drag me to Hell" this weekend?!!"

"Uhh yeah, probably the worst piece of shit that I have seen in a while. I feel like I paid the money just to LEAVE the theatre. Thank god for that"
by iloveandysamberg June 7, 2009