The main character in the TV show "House"
He's is the biggest Badass on the planet.
He is never wrong and if he is, will make you feel like shit if you prove him wrong. Don't underestimate this man, he may have a cane, but he can kick your ass with his head (no homo). He is a huge intelligent prick.
Dr. House: Check the patient for Lymphoma.
Co-worker: He doesn't have it.
House: Just check
Co-worker: He has it.
House: Wow your fucking stupid, your fired.
by lilJT May 10, 2009
The most brilliant TV doctor ever. He is a genius on the TV medical drama House MD, and specializes in infectious diseases and nephrology. He has a team of doctors who work with him to solve rare cases, and he usually has an epiphany which saves the patients life at the end of each episode. He is mostly rude, stubborn, and doesn't like people besides his best friend Wilson. His sense of humor is crude, and hilarious. He doesn't follow the rules and does what ever the hell he wants.
Wilson: You really don't need to know everything about everybody.

Dr. House: I don't need to watch The OC, but it makes me happy.
by aajones December 29, 2011
"Dr. House" is a verb, to be precise. Specifically, it is a method of ingesting pills without water, or a better way to ingest giant potassium horse pill supplements WITH water.

Named for Hugh Laurie's character in the TV series House, it basically consists of putting the pill/pills in your mouth, and swallowing them while, at the same time, jerking your head back like you are suffering whiplash. This sharp movement, produced primarily with use of the neck and upper shoulder muscles, effectively catapaults the pills down your throat with relative ease.

More experienced patrons of this sly move may effectively get the pills nearly halfway down the esophagus in under two seconds.

Likewise, patrons of Laurie and his character may also incorporate a facial expression of euphoric relief directly after ingestion using the "Dr. House" method. This expression is best accompanied with the action of rolling your eyes back into your head, delightedly anticipating the effects of the pills soon to come - be it narcotic euphoria or, more commonly, the security and pleasure of knowing that your are stacked from A to Zinc!
Onlooker 1:
Did you see that guy just take a whole packet of vitamins without even using water?

Onlooker 2:
Hellz yeah man. He just Dr. House'd that s***!!!

Onlooker 1:
What a BAMF!!!
by WaterIsTheEnemy July 16, 2009
"that point in time when you suddenly know the answer to a problem that has been perplexing you for some time"
My business was in trouble when all of a sudden I had a Dr. House moment and I saw an end to my problems.
by weasel990 January 25, 2010